HHD8 SPECIAL SERIES (Out of production)

Astra has always been a synonym for strength, power and reliability. But when the going really gets tough, you need to have a suitable vehicle on hand capable of performing to the utmost in any situation and fit for any application.
HHD8 1
The HHD (Heavy Heavy Duty) model, specially designed with "oversized" technical solutions, represents Astra's response to cope with extreme situations in which normal load and terrain conditions cease to exist and give way to desert dunes, the cold of Siberian winters, and extreme loading conditions.
The flexibility of its features and the endless possibilities to customise it allow the realisation of a perfect setup for any onsite demand anywhere in the world, from logging to the construction sector, from the transportation of heavy loads to the Oil & Gas sector.
HHD8 2
HHD8 3
HHD8 4

Main mechanical specifications are:

  • 6x6 Traction
  • 16 Drive configurations available in chassis or tractor version
  • Heavy-duty axles, certificated to guarantee loads for a G.V.W. up to 50,000kg and G.V.W. up to 250 tons with a vehicle equipped with WSK converter.
  • Suspension: front and rear, reinforced parabolic.
  • Manual gearboxes - semi-automatic: Astronic ZF16AS2601OD type
    automatic: Allison HD4700 type with 2 versions of PTO Chelsea according to the application
    hydro-mechanical with WSK converter for particularly arduous tasks


EURO 3 Chassis Cab 3 Axels 6x6