With the new HD9 range ASTRA is back as a global palyer with a much more performing vehicle and a new cab. Increased business productivity and higher safety and comfort for drivers.
hd9 1


New cab, new materials and more habitability. Greater driving comfort, four "fully adjustable" suspensions, large windows, new rear view mirror.
Aggressive design with a strong ASTRA personality. These are the elements of innovation which combined with the extraordinary sturdiness of the chassis and performance of the CURSOR engines 


Technical innovation combines with a new four cab suspensions system geometry to guarantee optimal driving comfort and the preloading adjustment feature provides a customized response to the various conditions of use.


The cab interior offers innovative solutions tending to improve driving comfort and habitability. The entrance to teh cab is facilitated by the 90 degree opening of the door. The new Multiplex system simplifies the driver's management of the vehicle.
The working environment is more comfortable under all weather conditions thanks to the new and powerful ventilation and heating system. New and more ergonomic seats, fully adjustable and equipped with pneumatic suspensions. 
A lower central tunnel allows the driver an easy life. The side windows in the doors make it possible to deal with of-road tracks as well as hectic city traffic in complete safety. Wide external rear view mirrors in compliance with the new homologation regulations allows the driver to get the best view in all operating conditions, both in the quarry and in the city.

ASTRA HD9 .... the ideal partner for those who require the utmost !!

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The "amazing" ASTRA chassis is broad with sturdy steel girders which are flat and parallel along the entire length to ensure great stability even with loads with a high center of gravity to enable the body-builders to mount the superstructures quickly and easily. Half-elliptic spring supports and die cast carriage shoulders - designed with very high safety coefficients - make it possible to reach quality levels at the top of the category.
The most complex equipments are possible thanks to the structural features of the extra heavy duty chassis and different mechanical suspensions architecture.


Cursor engines in 8 and 13 liters in synergy with different type of manual gear box (with or without WSK) - Semi-Automatic or automatic with torque converter - guarantee the new HD9 high torque value, flexibility and considerable braking power, essential for working on construction sites.


EURO 3 Chassis Cab 3 Axels 6x4
EURO 3 Chassis Cab 3 Axels 6x6
EURO 3 Chassis Cab 4 Axels 8x4
EURO 3 Chassis Cab 4 Axels 8x6
EURO 3 Chassis Cab 4 Axels 8x8
EURO 5 Chassis Cab 3 Axels 6x4
EURO 5 Chassis Cab 3 Axels 6x6
EURO 5 Chassis Cab 4 Axels 8x4
EURO 5 Chassis Cab 4 Axels 8x6
EURO 5 Chassis Cab 4 Axels 8x8
EURO 6 Chassis Cab 3 Axels 6x4
EURO 6 Chassis Cab 4 Axels 8x4